Our Purpose

At SAA Architecture LLC. we design attractive, efficient and highly functional facilities for commercial projects, as well as innovative space planning designs that enable our satisfied clients to maximize the efficiencies of their business and the productivity of their employees.

We have acquired a well-deserved reputation for exceeding our clients’ expectations in terms of customer satisfaction and cost effectiveness, through close personal attention to all details from project conception to completion and by the use of state-of-the-art architectural CADD systems. SAA Architecture LLC. prides itself on the ability to meet each client’s requirements, deliver the project on time and within the agreed upon budget.

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R. Glen Stephens


In 1976 Glen Stephens proudly established a “client centered” architectural firm dedicated to designing buildings that are functional, striking and innovative. Glen’s designs are the result of carefully listening to his customers’ individual needs and requirements. Glen’s designs focus on identifying the distincitiveness of the clients’ business not his.

Since inception, Glen’s vision of a “client centered” architectural firm continues to attract wise business people ready to embrace his unique approach to innovative design excellence. SAA Architecture LLC. has designed over 20 million square feet of commercial, manufacturing, distribution, bio-lab, office and retail space in the Mid Atlantic area of the United States.

Glen has developed and designed twelve R&D, retail, office and distribution facilities that he has participated in as a partner. He has a superb track record in commercial real estate and property management, making him even more mindful of client needs, scheduling and budget considerations; just ask his satisfied customers!

Glen earned his Bachelor of Architecture Degree from the University of Maryland. Glen was fortunate to be a member of the first graduating class of the school of Architecture. The experience of being a senior architectural student for five years provided him with more years of studio design than Master graduates.

Glen has an unrelenting thirst for knowledge, new materials and technology that he brings to firm to help his customers benefit. He has become an acknowledged leader in Tilt-up Concrete Construction and he continues to develop innovative adaptations of this and other technologies, always staying on the leading edge in architecture. He often visits other states to picture study and review what others are doing with tilt-up construction.

Glen is frequently asked to speak and share his years of wisdom at schools and professional associations. Glen is a Registered Architect in the states of Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, North Carolina, South Carolina and the District of Columbia. Glen also holds a NCARB certification.

Because of his vast knowledge and experience in designing all types of workspaces, Glen is able to share his knowledge on material handling, advancements in distribution technologies, among other aspects of plant, warehousing, and office and retail design.

Glen Stephens has been asked to serve on the Board of Directors of the Tilt-up Concrete Association (TCA). SAA has been an active supporter of the TCA since its creation and has the distinction of being considered charter members. Glen’s selection marks the first time an Architect has been elected to this Board. Glen’s selection is an acknowledgment of the firm’s leadership in promoting Tilt-up construction on the east coast for well over 18 years.

Glen prides himself on keeping to his three principles of architecture: striking, functional, and innovative!

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“Your drawings are clearly the best of any that we review—the designs are cost effective, easy to understand and build [from].”

Jeff Dillon, Vice President
Nardi Construction Co.
Beltsville, MD

“I knew we would be dealing with a principal . . . someone with years of experience . . . SAA continues to exceed our expectations on this project.”

Frank Timlin Partner
Cherrytree Park, LLC
Columbia, MD

“The building is really super – everyone loves it, so thanks for excellent design!”

Mr. David Vos, President and CEO
Athena Technologies, Inc.
Warrenton, VA

“I appreciate the fact that you were so well-prepared for our meeting. You make it very easy for Prudential to accept my recommendation to use you and your company.”

Andrea Regan
Leasing Consultant
Silver Spring, MD

“Thank you for rushing your plans, so that we could meet with you and review them. You are to be commended for making the project work with our site.”

John G. Valentine, VP of Development
Birtcher Company
Irvine, CA

“Boston Properties was excited about wining the 1989 Pride of Prince George’s County Building Design Award. Only committed and hard working individuals, like yourself, can we continue to design and erect high quality projects.”

Thomas P. Hutchinson, Vice President
Boston Properties
Washington, DC

“It is very apparent to all of us at TUCON that SAA Architecture LLC is in tune with the special requirements involved in the design of a tilt wall product . . . We recognize your efforts as being well-above average in our industry.”

Steve Doyle, Senior Project Manager
TUCON Systems
Dulles, VA

“Boston Properties would like each and every one of you at Team SAA! to know that the effort put forth on the part of your firm is second to none, both in terms of design time and accuracy for a permit submission. Personally, I have never been involved in a build-to-suit that was completed this fast. Our ‘hats are off’ to all of you.”

Peter B. Magellan, Sr. Construction Manager
Boston Properties
Washington, DC

“This was the second opportunity I have had to work with SAA Architecture LLC. Just as before, I found the experience to be an effortless and productive one. During the design phase, our needs were transformed into an efficient and organized plan that captures our vision of how the facility would work for us.”

Arthur G. Thacher. M.P.H.
Prince George Country Health Department
Prince George, MD

“Facilities Planning Systems is always pleased with the architectural solutions and presentations delivered by SAA Architecture LLC to our facility planning.”

Frank J. Hellstern, President
Facilities Planning Systems
Reston, VA

“Your hard work certainly played a major role in the unanimous approval on March 1st from the Prince George’s Country Planning Board. Keep up the good work and we look forward to another successful project.”

John P. Hicks, Project Manager
The Svatos Company
Washington, DC

“It is rewarding to find an architectural firm whose principals are so committed to improving their product with a unique willingness to spend time learning how to improve your product by injecting themselves so deeply into the construction process to assist the sub-contractors and suppliers to find out what really works in the field. This clearly leads to the development of plans that can be understood, are easy to build and saves your clients time and money.”

O.P. Cassels, Jr. President
Edison Foard Inc.
Charlotte, NC

“I simply can’t find the words to express how deeply my brother and I appreciate the tender loving care you gave the Jameson Corporation during the design and construction of our beautiful new facility. We are thankful for the part SAA Architecture LLC has played in our continued success.”

Tom Crates, President
Jameson Corporation
Clover, SC

“As an out-of-town developer, it was very helpful for us when your firm gave us the extra support to secure the municipal approvals and coordinate all of the consultants who were on the project.”

Wallace G. Murfiti, Partner
Jackson-Shaw Company
Dallas, TX

“You asked what was important to us in the way of a facility. You also wanted to know everything you could about our business so that you could redesign a facility that would work. I was really impressed when you came back with your design and it was all worked out.”

Eric L. Conkin, Corp. Secretary
Greenmount Moving & Storage
Upper Marlboro, MD

“Concrete Concepts wants to note our enthusiasm for the approach and design of building that SAA Architecture LLC brings to the Charlotte, NC area. Your firm demonstrates the years of experience necessary to design effective commercial and industrial properties.”

Raymond Knotts, President
Concrete Concepts Co.
Kings Mountain, NC

“The building was not only designed as a state-of-the-art, fully working household goods facility, but also as a place we are proud to call our corporate headquarters. In the last year and four months we have been requested to show our facility to dozens of companies, from all parts of the world.”

Eric L. Conlin, Corp Secretary
Greenmount Moving & Storage
Upper Marlboro, MD

“From the very beginning, we were impresses by your knowledge, cooperative attitude, and willingness to commit to both our schedule and budget requirements. Burnham Service Corporation is thrilled with the quality and design of their new facility and has indicated that it will become the model for future distribution centers around the Country.”

Robert L. Burgoon, VP of Construction
Jackson-Shaw Company
Dallas, TX

“I would like to express the appreciation of Hines Interest by acknowledging the efforts of your firm as a member of out team . . . SAA Architecture LLC’s input and knowledge allowed the team to move rapidly into resolving a significant portion of the GSA program requirements. Then the technical abilities of your staff as they assisted in the preparation of documents accelerated the production and increased the quality of the proposal we submitted.”

Jay J. Bothwell
Hines Interest limited Partnership
Washington, DC

“Thanks to the committed and hard work exhibited by SAA Architecture LLC our new 128,000sf manufacturing facility is a building of which we can be proud. I look forward to working with your firm in the future.”

James G. Muir, III Director, Facilities
Hughes Networking Systems
Gaithersburg, MD

“SAA Architecture’s commitment clearly exceeds what other companies offer and it sets you apart. We look forward to working with you on our future projects. We couldn’t have done it without you!”

Harald Wack, Executive VP and CEO
Zestron America
Manassas, VA

The Perspective of Our Clients

At SAA Architecture LLC, we treasure the relationships we have with our clients. From the time of our first our first meeting through ground breaking and when you move in, SAA Architecture LLC is there to make sure your project is not only done on time, but that your project stays within the agreed upon budget, with “quality” the operative word!

Please enjoy reading how our other clients have benefited tremendously by choosing our firm!


A client might be…

Our clients are those special folks who must have the best in building experiences—no pain and lots of pleasure!

Here’s how you may qualify:
As a client-driven architectural firm, SAA Architecture LLC’s list of loyal, smart clients includes businesses firmly committed to hiring the best in designing striking, functional, and innovation buildings. Simply put, SAA’s legacy is the creation of buildings that are designed to last!

Our proven methodology follows along these time-tested steps:

  • Listening to the special and unique requirements for each individual project.
  • Identifying and uncovering issues that may affect your project early on—well before they become costly delay or other obstacles.
  • The direct supervision of a senior partner at every step of the way.

You Could Be Our Next Celebrity!

Experience the satisfaction and confidence that many other successful companies have experienced, by selecting SAA Architecture LLC as part of your new building teams!

Take a brief moment and call a loyal customer (or two!) and hear it for yourself—all of the benefits of working with SAA Architecture LLC. We have the experience, knowledge, technology and attitude to assist you in completely fulfilling your dreams for your new facility—all the way from site analysis and selection through moving in!

Recognize that SAA Architecture LLC will be with you every step of the way, keeping your project on track and headed in the right direction, a direction of fulfillment, happiness and satisfaction!