Why You Need To Hire an Architect!

Unfortunately, few people have the necessary knowledge and experience to realize just how difficult the complicated rules and regulations have made the building process. These rules and regulations are a dynamic process; that is, they are constantly changing. People continue to find themselves utterly lost in complex and intricate mazes consisting of design options, costs, building systems, building codes, zoning codes, and construction options. To further complicate these matters, no two building projects are truly alike, so a “one size fits all” approach, simply does not work.

With your best interest at heart, the right architect is the real professional with the education, training, experience, and vision necessary to guide you through the entire design and construction process, while working to keep you on the right track regardless of your building’s needs. The right architect will help you from the very beginning by: (1) clearly defining what you want to build, and (2) help you get the most for your precious construction dollar. The right architect sees the big picture; they don’t just deliver products. The right architect designs total environments tailored to meet and satisfy your building needs—solutions that are Striking, Functional and Innovative.

The right architect is a sensible and wise requirement on any size building project ranging from a full business park to what may initially seem to be a simple interior renovation. The right architect will guide you along the way so that you achieve a properly designed facility. There are many important ways that this occurs:

  1. The right architect is trained in solving problems creatively, by translating your needs into real three-dimensional spaces. Architects have an extensive knowledge of design and construction techniques, always pointing out alternatives and options that may not otherwise be presented to you by non-architects.
  2. The right architect’s instrumental services are an investment made by the wise business person and here’s why: a well-conceived project will be built more effectively and more economically, helping you achieve the best value for your precious, hard-earned construction dollar.
  3. The right architect plans your project with you, helping your ideas evolve and making the necessary changes on paper where they can be done much more affordably than during the construction process, which is very costly.
  4. The right architect’s proper, thorough, and complete construction documentation makes it easier for the general contractor to accurately permit, price, and build your project.
  5. The right architect works with you and within your budget, helping you select the most appropriate materials and workmanship, which helping to ensure a fair price and a fair value.
  6. The right architect recommends the best materials and finishes that are durable, attractive, low maintenance, and the most appropriate for your project.
  7. When your project requires engineering and other services, the right architect coordinates and creates a team of superbly skilled experts.
  8. Good design sells! A well-designed workplace attracts and maintains quality employees while increasing their productivity. A well-designed ‘store’ draws and attracts precious customers.